Where I Am From

I am from Black Lives Matter But where does the black life matter When there’s a fight that breaks out And the black guy chatters “WorldStar!” While his brotha gets served on a platter? I am from rappers being pinned against one another, Saying this one and that one is far better And having tracks … More Where I Am From


Muslims, Buddhists, False religion’s what they’re choosin’ She’s Pentecostal, He’s Baptist, They Catholic, Adventists Me, I’m Christ-Served That’s the Right Word No time for “religion” ’cause that’s backwards I put Christ first So I’m NOT blurred I’m outward, Outspoken and workin’ —towards progress ‘Cause I’m worth it NOT worthlesss No time to be lurkin’ I … More Christ-Served

Black Lives Matter

My God, My God Isn’t this odd? Look how far we’ve come just to be back to where we’ve started from. I’m talking about the black brothas calling sistas bitches for riches In a corrupt system Where snitches get stiches And we’re getting pitches To disrespect one another But to only end up in ditches. … More Black Lives Matter

Questions, Why God?

Dear Lord, Sometimes I particularly pray because I wonder why, Why the one and that one Get prosperous , Meanwhile I get outrun By the stress of not getting blessed So I gotta think back to wherever I failed the stress. I feel so done from the reruns And I’m confused; This shouldn’t happen because … More Questions, Why God?

A Jobseeker’s Time

Friday, August 18, 2017 Attn: Human Resources Location: Anywhere   Dear Employers (in any capacity), Why do you insist on wasting applicants’ TIME? THE TIME an applicant spends on the “unecessaries” of filling out the application. For starters, if I’m uploading my resume, why is there a need to rewrite everything?Get up to date! If … More A Jobseeker’s Time