A Jobseeker’s Time

Friday, August 18, 2017 Attn: Human Resources Location: Anywhere   Dear Employers (in any capacity), Why do you insist on wasting applicants’ TIME? THE TIME an applicant spends on the “unecessaries” of filling out the application. For starters, if I’m uploading my resume, why is there a need to rewrite everything?Get up to date! If … More A Jobseeker’s Time

Review: TopGolf

Location: Atlanta, GA I had been hearing about this place for a minute so I added it to my bucketlist. Apparently, this is the spot to be! I’m talking, birthdays, dates, hanging out with friends, or even a family day. I’ve gone twice but I learned quick: DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKENDS if you’re … More Review: TopGolf


Written: November 12, 2011 Inspired by: Biblical verse  “…Why do you put on jewelry and paint your eyes? You are making yourself beautiful for nothing! Your lovers reject you…” –Jeremiah 4: 30   When you use your body as beauty, You’re no longer attractive Because your body just becomes A weapon of attraction. What is your … More Beauty