Review: TopGolf

Location: Atlanta, GA

I had been hearing about this place for a minute so I added it to my bucketlist. Apparently, this is the spot to be! I’m talking, birthdays, dates, hanging out with friends, or even a family day.


I’ve gone twice but I learned quick: DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKENDS if you’re trying to play, unless it’s like Sunday in the early afternoon.

The first time I went, was on a Saturday evening for a birthday gathering, didn’t know the perosn but I was invited through a mutual friend. I figured, “why not” since I had been wanting to g. The food and drinks were good. We got there at 7pm; there was a 3 hour wait. We stayed until midnight but still didn’t get called to play so we ended the night there. Let me not forget that I wasn’t able to find parking so I had to park at a lot, which cost me $10 (I hate paying for parking).

paying for parking

Since I didn’t get to play, I wanted to go again to get the full experience. The second time I went was on a Sunday around 3pm; I was able to find parking (yay! didn’t have to pay this time).


It was still kinda packed but the wait wasn’t as long.

(Note: I recommend getting the membership card for a one time fee of $5 so that you only have to go through one line instead of two). I went with a group of 5 and it was about a hour wait. The place has bars/restaurants on the inside, as well as a pool hall to get you through the wait. We were upstairs (which is a better experience with playing). We waited at this outside loft /patio area sort of vibe; we sat for 20mins waiting for a waitress/waitor. No one came, so I finally went to the bar to ask and was told that before a certain time, you just have to go up to the bar to place your order.

disgusted (I wish the host would’ve explained that initially but I decided not to let that kill my vibe).

By the time we were placing our order, it was our turn to play.  I had never played golf before (unless you want to count the minigolf I tried the day before), so initially, I sucked. Once I watched others’ techniques, I got the hang of it and ended up winning (Beginner’s luck I guess but maybe I should’ve gone pro).

IMG_2103 (1)

With the food,drinks and 2hr game, each person paid less than $40.  We had a great time and it’s definitely a good hangout spot. Oh yeah, three of us got the pinapplepunch golfbag drinks and got to keep our cool cups that light up 🙂

Links to the video and pic on my Instagram:

#topgolf 😂😭🏌🏽

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