Review: Rozy (Eyebrow)Threading Studio

Location: Stockbridge, GA
Let me give you some background…
I have dark, bushy eyebrows, but I didn’t start getting them done until my second year of college (which is not too long ago). When I first got my brows done, I used to get them waxed. Over time, I noticed that my face would break out in the area of my eyebrows. No bueno. Towards the end of 2015,  my aunts recommended I get my eyebrows threaded instead. Now I was scared (and still am) of the pain of having my eyebrows threaded. For those of you who have never gotten your eyebrows threaded, it’s like basically using floss to pluck out strands of your eyebrows. What’s ironic is that I heard that threading, overtime, is healthier than having your eyebrows waxed (when the pain of having them threaded is a longer process period than the waxing—in the moment of course).
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The only form of make-up I wear is lipstick. And I consider getting my brows done to fall under the same category (although I never get fill-ins since my eybrows are already dark so I stick to the basic service). I’m picky about who does my eyebrows and how they do it (I always like them thick). Your go-to eyebrow lady is like your go-to stylist—knows how to take care of your hair just right to keep you looking on point. Seriously, eyebrows can make or break you so you can’t let someone mess them up (it’s this unwritten rule).
princess diaries
I ventured off before and have regretted it twice. I had to use the holy grail of all Caribbeans to bring my brows back to life—CASTOR OIL (or what Haitians like to call “rwel maskete”). If you’re looking for regrowth, it does the trick.
princess diaries
Now to the point…
I used to go to Shapes Brow Bar; they have different locations. A former coworker recomended the place and the person who used to service my eyebrows. Soni, my former threading lady, was great and I would highly recommend her if you do decide to use that shop. BUT I was tired of paying $11/service and/or $45 for the unlimited package for three months, especially when I mostly get my brows done once a month to maintain the thickness of my brows.
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So a different former coworker recommended Rozy’s Threading Studio. I decided to try it last Thursday (as aforementioned, I’m not keen on trying new brow places but her brows always looked nice). The stuidio is equidistant of my former place and only cost $6 so I said “why not.” I saw the Groupon package of $15 for 3 times but I thought it’d be best to try it out and pay in store first just in case I didn’t like the service. The woman who did my eyebrows was Nimi; after the service I had, I asked her for her schedule so I know when to go. She was polite and did just as good of a job as my former person but for about half the price! Turns out, I was able to purchase their package deal (which included the service I had just had).
princess diaries
Looks like I have a new threading place/person and will be saving $60/year . I was glad to tip and would recommend to anyone! They do waxing, facials, etc and also have different locations in which you can use your package deal.
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