Review: Chatau Elan

Location: Braselton, GA

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, planning a wedding, a quick school field trip, to learn about wine process,


or a relaxing trip with the girls to get away from the husband and kids, this is the place to be. For me, I went with my dad thinking this was going to be a lengthy tour of the wine process; it was short (30mins) and in 2 spots. A two hour drive for a one hour stay; I was disappointed.


You get to taste up to 8 wines for $25/person, which is sectioned off into sweet and strong (you also get the opportunity to purchase). My dad and I chose the sweet side; my favorite was the SUMMER WINE (I think because of the peach).


What’s great about the tasting is that you don’t have to do it in one sitting. My dad and I decided to walk across the Hall to the restaurant called Marc; they of course had wine for the beverage choices; we figured there was no point since we still had 4 more wine tastings so we only had water (which was surprisingly free).


We both ordered the Faroe Island Salmon which included salad. The wait wasn’t too bad but they provided us with bread and mama butter (which contained seasalt).


When we finally got our food, we were highly disappointed in the “salad” which was a bunch of grains called quinoa; and the size of the salmon was really small


Paid $41 total for two people. Could’ve bought us two week’s worth of groceries


My dad still talks about it; this was about 2 wks ago. Coming from Caribbeans who know how to cook..yeah you do the math


If you do plan on going, I’d recommend eating at a local restaurant instead. Also, if going for a special event and need a place to stay, rent from the local hotels that are literally across the street. Trust me, your pockets will thank me. Nice, relaxing scenery but don’t think I’ll be returning, at least not in a voluntary compacity of a day trip.


Link to video of the “tour:”



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